Recommendations to decision makers

Generational transition of management and ownership in SMEs has been researched for a relatively long time in the EU's older Member countries, but it is a relatively new field in the post-socialist EU countries who have been faced with this issue the first time recently. This INSIST activity specially draw the attention of and present recommendations to decision makers.

So the comparative study proposed as output 1 (O1) is imposed by necessity. The results of O1 are expected to nurture the curriculum development, main aim of the project.

The preparatory research shows that the large succession issue can be reasonably broken down into the 4 modules to be elaborated by the project:

  • strategic questions,
  • training of mentors for facilitating the succession in SMEs,
  • legal and financial questions,
  • social and cultural aspects of the succession.

The final study is supposed to analyse the results of O1 and elaborate on the discrepancies between the different national systems.

Doing that the research, the working group will be able to point out the weak points of the national systems and derive recommendations for interventions of local, regional and national authorities by country.

Detailed explications will be given how the different decision makers can facilitate (generational) transmission of enterprises with appropriate measures.


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