Family Businesses Meeting in Cracow, Poland


28th of April 2015 - Cracow, Poland

On April 28th 2015 in Krakow, The Employers Union of Malopolska LEWIATAN, organized in Cracow (Poland) the Family Businesses Meeting. It was dedicated to introduce the INSIST project to the companies in the region. In the event participated 28 representatives of the family businesses.

During the meeting, lecturers described Polish family business and the purpose of cooperation, exchanging experiences and organizing meetings and support dedicated specially for them. The INIST project was presented as one of the activities which can be a important part of it.

The special guest, Prof. Joseph Horak presented the example of the Family Owned Business Institute in US.

Participants shared with their experiences with succession, discussed about differences and similarities with other countries. They also pointed their expectations and needs with the contexts of the succession which are the legal and financial issues. The participants asked for as much as possible case studies presenting the different ways of intergeneration succession.