2nd Forum on Applied Sciences - Intergenerational Changes and the Family Business

INSIST flyerIntergenerational Changes and the Family Business: European Experiences

The INSIST project made a presentation on that topic at the 2nd FORUM Applied Sciences hosted by the Budapest Business School

The knowledge deficit on the field succession process in the Family Business (FB) is particularly visible in the Central and Eastern Europe. In these countries during the state-socialism FB was almost completely missing. In some countries, like Hungary and Poland, it was tolerated only its embryonic forms and mainly in the service sector and in the agriculture.

The core aim of the INSIST project is to get systematic insight into the complex succession process and use the results of both of literature reviews and company case studies in the countries involved (Hungary, Poland and U. K.) and use and build this knowledge into the training modules on “strategic decision making”, “training and further training consultants (mentors) and “legal and financial regulation” related with the intergenerational changes.

In the FORUM Applied Sciences, Budapest Business School as a host, besides of the academic participants’ presentations from various higher education institutions (e.g. University of Pannonia, University of Pécs, Budapest Business School etc.) did invite owners/managers of the successful Hungarian family founded firms. It was revealing experience to get first-hand information on the intergenerational change from both the founder-owner manger and his/her successors, too. The interaction between academic and business communities did result an extremely rich exchange of knowledge on the succession process and contributed significantly to the preparation and design of the company case studies.

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2nd FORUM of Applied Sciences, Budapest, 12-13 March, 2015

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