Training module on Mentoring

60-70 pages training material
2 levels - common part + specialities for the 2 target groups (entrepreneurs and MSc students)

The purpose of this module is to improve the ability of potential mentors to develop a close relation with SMEs owners to support them in facing daily issues and in developing a better vision of the future for their enterprises to prepare sustainable transmissions with relevant business opportunities.

  • First, some general aspects of SMEs contraints are developed on:
    • finance,
    • business strategy and development,
    • organisation, management rules and recruitment issues,
    • and the status of the existing situations in Europe to develop a European vision of entrepreneurs.
  • Then, trainees will have to work on:
    • various cases in small teams,
    • and should prepare an action plan as it should be shared the SMEs owner for implementation.
    • Cross-sharing of teams results will be key for evaluating the ability of Mentors in managing interrelation and empathy.
  • At the end of the session, the attendees are assessed on:
  • the global key knowledge
  • and the soft skills required to develop a trusty relation with the SMEs owner.
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